Our Nursery

Based in Boddam, Peterhead, Buoys & Gulls Nursery provides a stimulating atmosphere to encourage your child’s development in a caring family-orientated environment.

Playrooms within our nursery are generously proportioned, carefully planned and extensively resourced to create inspiring learning environments in which children can grow and learn with confidence.

Each playroom has access to outdoor play areas offering the opportunity for regular outdoor learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum.


We are passionate about quality Early Years Care and Education. We believe that children learn through play, living, example, interaction and teaching. This concept forms the core of our ethos.

We recognise the importance of each child’s healthy self-development. We aim to achieve this through praise, guidance and encouragement. Children will be encouraged to develop respect, learn to share, and learn to be kind, fair and to develop good manners.

We actively act upon small children’s desires to learn and experiment. These are of great importance for their development and enjoyment of life.

We are committed to equality of opportunity.

Our toys and equipment reflect the social diversity of our society and all children have access to these, ensuring non-stereotypical/non-discriminatory practice which respects all individuals.

Above all we provide a secure and friendly care environment in which you, the parent will feel completely relaxed and at ease when leaving your child.

E-Learning Journals

Our E-Learning Journals allow parents to see their child’s progress and keep up to date with what they’re up to every day at nursery.   We have an online Learning Journals system where our staff upload observations and pictures. All of the observations are linked to what each child has learned from their experiences. This allows parents to track their children’s development as often as they like.

Opening Times

Open Monday-Friday, 7am – 6pm.  We offer a variety of sessions from half days, to full days to full weeks.  Term time and non-term time options available.

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